Wednesday, May 27, 2015

so my last 36 hours

1. County Board meeting/new building tour in the rain.
2. at the office .... work
3. home for supper ... stop at Shopko (dad's birthday treats)
4. back to work
5. birthday gig for Dad
6. 5:00 am start ... work for a bit
7. 7:00 on the road to New Ulm for AMC meetings
      where I won a door prize
8. back to office ---
9. next up (in an hour or so) off to Mankato for R9 Budget stuff
10. home to see the birds and gardens
11. back to dentist tomorrow for another 2 1/2 hours of crap.

Wedding quilt top is stitched, needs a final press and then ready to quilt.  I'm using a 108" backing -- it will go fast -- and smooth .... binding is done.

Even if hell freezes over I'm going to the lake on Friday night.



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