Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a day in the life of a

county commissioner/certified public accountant/gardener/quilter/diva

so Tuesday ...

1.  finished up a payroll (6:00am)
2.  attended County Board meeting
         with pretty routine stuff -- a couple of hearings and the usual
3.  back to the office for an afternoon of the "stuff"
4.  finally paid off my mortgage
5.  went to Mankato for a R9 meeting (that I almost forgot)
6.  received an "unknown" call on the cell ... don't answer "unknowns"
7.  check the email on said phone

a freeking metro TV producer (channel 5) asking questions about the "Gravel Tax" public hearing and subsequent resolution -- wth.  So, I called her back (from the parking lot of the grocery store -- always an entertaining place) ...

8.  Chinese for supper ---
9.  Walked the patch ... weeds are dying -- plants are growing
10. Hello sewing machine ... finished quilting a crib quilt and cut the
           binding .... worked on finishing piecing another strip crib quilt
           it takes longer to cut the strips than it does sewing 'em together

Wednesday will be dull.



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