Sunday, June 21, 2015

and on the longest day

   the summer solstice --- this Diva did the usual .... or the new norm.

   made it to the lake and then came home at 8:15 for a little weed control
   after the rain yesterday (1/2"?) ... it was time to spray
   I started at 8:30 will a slight breeze -- so I did the edges and paths
   I was out there until 9:30ish ... almost needed the headlights on Bessie.

   and at 5:15 this morning .... I did the other 9 rows. 
   Only 4 of the 9 truly needed some control

    All of it will need to be hoed this week ---

   No rain for 12 hours please.
   Next weekend it will be ready for the tiller man.    

   The skeeters and gnats were nasty -- I had to use bug spray for the first time this year.

   Today's agenda:

1.  sew (machine quilt a crib quilt on the B)
2.  sew - load the long arm with the Turning Twenty
3.  homework -- meeting prep
4.  lake time!
5.  laundry

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