Friday, June 26, 2015

before & after

grass is dying and some weeds (grass) is popping up in between the rows... not bad peeps ...
and I came home to this !
Project #3 was to mow the office lawn.  Done.
Project #4 was to sweep the office garage. Done
Project #5 was to get Dad to till the patch.  I came home from the office and he was at it (without asking).  Done

The babes and their Mother.  Mean little babes -- hissers and spitters.
Lots of attitude for small creatures!

First coneflower on Daisy Lane.
Projects 6 - 10 all involve work at the office.
6 - cut the brush out of the flower beds
7 - XXX Corporate Tax Return
8 - XXX financial Statements
9 - XXX's payroll (finally)
10 - T's estate tax return.
Unfortunately - 6 thru 10 will keep me at the office most of the day .... playing hookie and leaving early yesterday was probably not the best of ideas -- however, it felt good.

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