Wednesday, June 3, 2015

it is the little things in life

so amid the wackiness that surrounds me I'm loving the little stuff ...

yesterday's moments ...

* our Shopko actually had a wireless keyboard and mouse .... and the same price as OfficeMax .... and it was on my homebound commute.

* I spent 1 1/2 hours bonding with a hoe in the melons ... first hoeing of the year -- the little buggers are up and growing ... this mornings rain is good ... a little heat would be better .... the sounds and sights of the prairie are fun

* Red, the barn cat, trekked thru the patch on his nightly visit to the neighbors -- they must have better women. 

* the chirping birds during the morning sprinkles

* the goofy window clerk at McDonald's ... "hope your day is fine".... so do I, Janeen, so do I 

and the best news of all...the wayward sunglasses have been returned to my head ---- 3 weeks without them ..... found them under the back seat of Dad's truck -- behind a jack.  WTH.  not sure how they bounced from the dash to there....

today's projects include ....

1. cleaning off my desk
2. hoeing the squash
3. prepping the ugly quilt for binding
4. cleaning the sewing space ... it needs it


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