Saturday, June 6, 2015

it's a pretty good view

crazy busy weekend again ... so mom and I took supper out to the lake and ate on the deck
I also planted the remaining window boxes and watered the ones I planted last week.
pretty and calm .... and so far few bugs

this little (well, sort of little) dude was walking up the road on the way out ...
So today -- is ....
1.  laundry (#3 is washing) 1 & 2 are on the line
2.  hoe the cantaloupe and watermelons
3.  mow grass at the office (it is windy so the grass is dry)
4.  decide on clothes for the wedding
5.  Chris & Jessica's wedding at 3:30 ....
during the laundry hours I started cutting up strips and scraps ... pinterest has given me too many ideas ... cutting, tagging and bagging for sewing at the lake.  (good thing I have multiple sewing machines) ...
life is good

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