Monday, June 8, 2015

my crazy life

it was a weekend to remember

Friday night -- supper and planting window boxes at the lake (well, we took Subway out there) -- came home and did an ATV trash run #1 was busy watching the ball game.

Saturday -- 3 loads of laundry (and a spot of sewing while laundering - works well) ... mowed the office grass ... hoed the cantaloupe (everything has had one hit of the hoe) .. moved back indoors and attacked the sewing room, laundry room, basement bathroom and etc with the vacuum -- the long arm shares it's fuzzies everywhere downstairs.  Finally took a shower and cleaned up ... and had 2 hours of quality sewing time -- 3:30 wedding .... home by 8:30 and back to the cutting table

Sunday -- 5 more loads of laundry (2 were rugs) ... and finished up the pillow covers -- put away clean clothes ... grocery store, office for newspaper and finally got to the lake -- where I unloaded more crap.  Took Bernina #1 out there for the summer ... and once I got settled in I sewed out there!   And after the rains came thru -- I headed home for one last load of laundry ... (more rugs) ...

I need a day of rest.


back to the hoe and patch tonight.
crazy busy commissioner week.


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