Thursday, June 18, 2015


   the never ending projects are piling up again.

I forgot the iPad at the office last night so I was up early with nothing to read ... I came to work .... so since 5:50 am .....

Shopko run for ink ($110 later)
Office lawn is mowed
Office lawn has been treated for the nasty weeds
   (not sure if it will work)
Home for a shower
Switched wheels with Mom

Payroll is done
Financial Statements are done

Getting ready for appliance recycling .... Mom's vehicle has a load.

Last night was a Mankato dash
   Haircut from Mr. K
   Joanne Fabrics (burned up a gift card)
      the power went out so I shopped less.
   HyVee for takeout Chinese ... where Saturday Cindy was busy

 I'm going to the patch tonight -- always restores my soul.



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