Friday, June 19, 2015

t g i f ....

The first coneflower of the season .... up in the crp acreage. 
I love the "tutu" ones ....
Today was project day on 3rd street -- as in tackle the nasty projects -- get 'em done, get 'em out of our hair  ....  it was pretty successful actually.  Not many interruptions so I was able to FOCUS. 
Home to wander the patch, sew a bit ... I spray basted a couple of crib quilts to machine quilt this weekend.  I took my best (oldest) sewing machine to the lake.  Yes, I sew at the lake.  Rain is in the overnight - early morning forecast .... so .... sew it will be. 
Mom and I walked the walk at the Relay for Life ... a celebration .... they hadn't lit the luminaries yet ... it's pretty windy so I'm thinking they may not. 

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