Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend # 4

I spent an hour ripping this crap out of a quilt .... I didn't properly thread the long arm when I changed thread --- and really didn't pay attention ..... argh.
Jake is a pampered pooch.

The aforementioned ripping was on this one ... it was the top row and the overhang on this project.   Now that I see the picture I see the wonkiness of the batting ... it was a "frankenbatt" I whipped up .... the wrinkles should wash and dry out with the first washing.  I re-loaded it on the long arm early this morning (not fun) and re stitched the mess.  ready to be bound.  Constructed with some fat quarters, etc from the scrap box ... I've made use of every scrap from that darn box! 
Mrs. P -- with 17 hour of daylight for another 3 weeks --- I'll be productive!  And I'm still on busy season hours -- up at 5 ... work by 6 .... generally home by 3 (usually 4 to garden, sew, laundry, clean, read) .... lake on weekends!  It's a good life ....

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Shay said...

Nothing worse than unpicking but the end result was well worth it I'd say.

Only 10 hour days of sunlight down here Diva -it's zapping my motivation something shocking !