Friday, July 31, 2015

ah, the life of a Diva

a synopsis of yesterday ...

1.  shower and head to office  (forgot to feed the chickens and the cats)

2.  start the de-forestation of the flower beds -- 2 pick-up truck loads to the compost pile.  Mind you -- it was only 1 1/2 of the beds.

3.  take shower and attend meeting -- wouldn't want the assorted attendee's to faint from the aroma wafting off of me. 

4.  grocery store at 5:00pm  I must have been nuts.

5.  into the patch to spray for deer ... spraying the smelly stuff ... and yes, the sprayer nozzle had issues ... and it was a bit warm and ...

6.  get everything cleaned up and put away

7.  and shower #3 on the day ... wth.  3 complete changes of clothes, 3 showers ... but

flower beds look good
6 rows of melons and the cantaloupe smell unattractive. 
chickens and cats got fed -- late, and they all lived thru it.
5 bags of trash got dumped ...

I'm on a roll peeps... can't wait to see what happens today ....


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