Sunday, July 5, 2015

bad Diva

  as the norm lately -- I've managed to stuff 56 hours into 48 -- hmmmm ... makes for a tired and cranky diva ....

  a lot of laundry (we have dirty clothes here) .. all the time
  quilted 3 crib quilts on the long arm
  1st moment of badness -- I (we) skipped the holiday festivities and did a spot of shopping and I had lunch out with Auntie Joanne and Mom -- I'm anti-social and spending the day with 10,000 of my close personal friends was not on the agenda ... sorry -- it's just not my thing.  

  I did good eh!  the bottom two are entire bolts ... Hancock had a sale (I didn't know there was a sale) ... but 60% off ... so they were $2.99 a yard.  SCORE ...  the bolts are for backs.  I like busy backs ... hides stitching/tension issues.  In addition to the fabric ... I ended up with a pair of jeans, a pair of dress pants, a pair of shorts and a fancy t shirt for .... drummm rollll please ... $50!  again -- SCORE. 
  finally got to the lake .. where we (Lee) hosted a mini fish fry.  too much food not enough eaters.  we went out on the lake in the boat to watch the fireworks .. 4 different groups put on a show that lasted over an hour ... it was wonderful.  dark on the return trek ... but awesome.  no pictures.  I left my camera home and the phone was dead.  I decided life at the lake will be picture (and internet) free. 
  made it home in time this afternoon to entertain again .... Auntie J came for a yard / garden tour .... so we toured and she stayed for supper (leftovers from the fish fry) worked.  She got to see the long arm in action.  It was too hot to be upstairs so I sewed and did more laundry (see above).
  finally got the air conditioning turned on ... elder #1 didn't think it was necessary.  He's wrong.  90' and humid = air conditioning.  end of conversation.  we will be sleeping this evening.
bring on the rain. 


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