Saturday, July 18, 2015

bind, bind, bind

I went out to the lake last night -- with a tote bag of sewing.  It was hot, really hot -- no breeze and well, a steamy Minnesota summer day.  There is two window a/c units in the cabin but after being shut up all week .... I didn't even attempt to turn them on.

So, I sewed.  Got the binding made and sewed on this one .... and then did the bindings on 3 others ...
I had Season 5 of Downton Abbey in the dvd player !!!
same prints only different binding and backing -- finished it up this morning.

and another one .... the middle print is sneakers.

and they are dancing on the line ... (for photography purposes ... I had washed and dried them already)

and the backs ... it was a breezy thunderstorm and rain

and the last one ...leftovers from my "pure" project of several years ago.
peeps, that's 5 crib quilts in 3 days -- DONE.  Most of them are being donated for a benefit -- a client with colon cancer ... they are having a benefit/silent auction in a couple of weeks.
He's doing well -- lots of changes and challenges ...

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