Friday, July 24, 2015


All week long -- in my spare  time I've been binding crib / toddler / throws .... I started out with 11, yes, 11 to bind.  All of the crib/toddlers are DONE. 

 Before tonight's binge.

and I washed these two and add to the stack ... there are two more in the washing machine and shortly headed for the clothes dryer ..

Linking up with Crazy Mom and Finish It Up Friday! 

I took an ATV ride to get the kinks out of my neck ...

the sunflowers are blooming -- at least the ones not ate off.

a green "envy" zinnia ... and some weeds.

and every trip to the patch includes a pit stop to visit the girls 
eggs to follow ..

Since last nights deluge (2 1/2") there are no fresh deer tracks in the patch.  Keeping my fingers crossed because I know the buggers are sniffing around the edges.

Have a safe weekend -- it's going to be hot and sticky 


Alycia said...

11 Quilts bound???? THAT is feat to be proud of! Love your photos of your ATV ride!!

Shay said...

AWESOME effort ! 11 quilts bound and ready makes you the Queen of Finishes!