Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June project list

  so ...

1.  I spent a lot of time at the lake
         (translation I don't work weekends)
2.  I finally got the Mustang cleaned out and the fancy floor mats put in
3.  I cleaned the sewing space (but it's messy again)
4.  Most, if not all of the MNPR's are done
5.  I'm relatively debt free
6.  I sewed (a lot)
7.  The truck kind of got fixed -- next appointment for it is next week
8.  1/2 of the yard weeds are under control

  it's coming along peeps, slowly but surely.  

July's list:

1.  Wash office windows (this is a big one)
2.  Paint the front room
3.  Finish up all extensions

4.  Get all the pieced quilt tops quilted (there are 10 of 'em)
5.  Spend an entire week at the lake
6.  Finish the yard weeds
             (if I get motivated I could work on this today)

   yesterday was clean out the Mustang and install the weathertech floor liners ... took all of 10 minutes ... it was the "drag the vac out of the closet and go to work" that took 8 minutes.  wth. 

   sprayed for bugs in the patch.  little critters have arrived.  I walked half of it and rode the other half.  I have grandparents rolling over in their graves watching me spray via the ATV .... it worked .... attempting to keep the squash vine borers at bay --- spray early and often.  will dust tonight also and a spot of weeding.

Happy Wednesday


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