Tuesday, July 14, 2015

summer on the prairie

So, peeps, the prairie (or my version of the prairie) comes alive in late June / early July ... the rains have kept us green, although we could use a shower ... sooner rather than later.

I had a productive Monday .... worked until 4 .... came home and toured the patch, ate supper and hit the sewing room.  2 throw pillows have new covers (to match the others) and 3 crib quilts were loaded and quilted on the long arm.  It was sewing well and I just kept on sewing.  I have 3 left in my stash of tops to finish, so, I pulled backing fabric from the store stash and will work on them tomorrow -- time and weather permitting. 

And no Mrs. P --- ebay won't get my second copy of Downton Abbey -- it'll make a great Christmas gift for someone .... !!!!!  

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