Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday reflections

ahhh, coneflower season has arrived ...

my tools and wagon get used frequently by elder #1 ... not sure for which task he needed these

looking freeking awesome ... all the hoe, hoe, hoeing has helped ... as did the pre-emergence chemical, #1 and the regular tilling.
blooming milkweed -- didn't spy any caterpillers
(who knew spelling catterpillers, catarpillers, striped WORMS would be so difficult)

The famous (or infamous) Traverse des Sioux marker -- amid the coneflowers, weeds and wild raspberries --- as a "kid from the neighborhood" it is sometimes difficult to reconcile the Treaty and it's consequences --
Another speedy weekend, a little lake time, a little office time, a little sewing time, a little nap time .... with the usual cooking, cleaning and laundry thrown in the mix.
I managed to re-order Downton Abbey Season 5 on Saturday night -- my copy has been missing since April -- and during yesterday's cleaning binge.  Yep, the lost was found.  I was a bit peeved at myself.  Argh.

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Shay said...

Thats always the way - just when you think something is lost forever you find it again! Stick the new copy on ebay ...and make your money back, then spend it on fabric.