Friday, July 3, 2015

this week in the patch ...

Lots of garden activity this week ....

Monday -- I discovered a critter infestation -- small creepy critters.

Tuesday -- sprayed said critters ....

Wednesday -- still some critters .... so out came the bug dust

Thursday -- bought all of the bug dust available at the local garden center .. I had been stashing gift certificates so I put them to good use!
    Dusted the undusted pumpkins ....
    Turned all of the watermelon vines ... attempted to "herd" them back into rows so tiller man can still till.
    Mixed up a tank of "grass" control and did a little spraying ... the sunflowers and zinnia's needed a bit of assistance ....

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights I was out there until 9:00ish ... few bugs and gorgeous evening weather ---

Today -- I'm going to plant some late melons, replant zucchini (the current ones look awful) .. another packet of zinnias (can't have too many) .. some cucumbers .... and then

My adult coloring books and supplies have arrived, I have sewing projects and my crochet projects ... books are loaded on the Ipad ... what more does a Diva need for a quiet relaxing weekend.
Happy Independence Day!

best picture of the year .... I set the camera on the threshold of the door and just kept clicking ... the girls have unlimited curiosity!


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