Monday, July 27, 2015


  So last night I was planning out the clothes for the week (ya, I'm that anal) and plotting the wardrobe against the meeting calendar (see previous comment) ... and realized.

  Something has happened every single day in July.  No wonder I'm tired and extremely cranky --- I've been complaining whining about not getting my project pile done -- there is a reason.  So far next week (as in the first week in August) looks mostly empty. 

  Seriously every freeking day in July had a meeting, a client meeting, a family event .... a deadline .... 

  So here I sit typing and whining about it.


  I added new quilts to the "50 quilts in 2015" page I'd link to it if I know how (more whining) ... I finished a spot of binding Friday night.

  Saturday was dedicated to the patch ... finished spraying out a bit of weed control (emptied the tank) and sprayed out a bit of deer control .... then I pounded in 12 T posts for the scarecrows .... they are "dressed" and in service.   There is pictures over on Facebook ... find the Watermelon Diva page. 

  Sunday was lake day --


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