Monday, August 31, 2015

So, this week I'm

going to have some fun!

1.   lots of payroll
2.   lots of projects
3.   mow the grass
4.   go to market (twice)
5.   eat at the Olive Garden
6.   clean my sewing room
7.   sew
8.   have some more fun
9.   hang out at the lake

By the end of the night -- #1 and I were dragging from the tree removal project ... there was Advil involved ... and a nice long hot shower ...

Just before sunset I took a walk ... it helped also  ...
The bones and joints didn't want to move this morning.
More Advil (and coffee)


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good bye shade.

left side of the back yard #4 is getting cut down ... #1 is down and gone, #2 is a totem pole at this point

right off the deck to the right .. #3 coming down

it's a mess
One more came down this morning

It is all cleaned up and hauled away.  The stump grinder will be here this week.  The elder #1 wants to dig it up an reseed all of it.

Go for it I'm not going to assist.

my crazy life

post picking -- truck is packed and loaded ....
disorganized ... but loaded

Friday night was a gorgeous night on the prairie
after picking, packing and loading
I walked out for a stroll--just me and the geese flying over 

love the zinias

fall is fast approaching

more zinnias -- these are in the yard under the clothesline -- they get more care ...

hello -- watermelons for sale ....

and some more ....

and the market munchkins -- sitting together

Made it home in time for some TREE removal ... 
the tree trimmer guy arrived -- 4 ash trees received a serious trimming and 4 trees were cut down entirely and he'll be back this week to grind out the stumps ... so today is clear all the brush and hunks of wood from the backyard.  It's a new "bare" look == so, some a lot of the shade is gone -- things will not be landing on the house (or teetering towards the house) ... 

Happy Sunday

Thursday, August 27, 2015

pictureless Thursday

  The plan was to start picking tonight to avoid tomorrow (Friday) nights rain. 

  Well, it's raining now.  To quote elder #1's unsolicited advice ..."either way ----   you're going to get a wet ass"

                  .... so it goes peeps -- ageless wisdom happening today.

  Today is elder #2's birthday -- 75 ... a milestone!  And due to scheduling issues (like we weren't sure when they were returning from fishing) ... she ended up getting her own is getting in the way again.

 So it rolls on Daisy Lane. 

and to add to the bizarreness of this post....

of all my blog posts  -- this one has the most hits and  I'm whining about deer ... in it .... bizarre.  Not going to solicit any advice from #1 on this topic.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


no market for this Diva today ....

by the time I got thru
4 hours of budget meeting
5 hours of work (the PROJECT is done)
1 hour of planning and zoning meeting

it was 7:35 and well, I wasn't in the mood to pick and pack
not sure how much was actually ripe either ...

Saturday peeps, Saturday!!

start wishing for some warmer weather.


Monday, August 24, 2015

market shots

and the camera cord

pooped out ... no picture transferring happening.  yes, I could pop the chip out and use a chip reader ... if I could find that cord. 

lived thru market.  had enough leftovers to feed the neighbors (only two are home this week), feed the mailman (I hope he took them) and the chickens got a treat.  the neighbors shared them (had a road visit last night) ... lots of activity down there ...

helped friend Becky at her son's/d-in-l's baby shower ... tired feet by the end of the evening.  Learned how to fry various kinds of egg rolls/spring rolls/ sweet cheese rolls.  Ate well. 

did some laundry, cleaned some closets, finished my book, finished a scarf, fed the animals ... them chickens need to start laying eggs ... itty bitty kitty got lots of attention he (she) needs to bond with the other babes

and finally got to the cabin for a spot of fresh air  ..  made it to the store for gift bags and birthday cards. 

and it was freeking windy out there.  cold.  cold enough to dig out a quilt and sit inside. 

it was a fly by (as in the time flew by) weekend.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

picked, packed and loaded

   for morning market.   It's a 3/4 full truck ...

   Jean came down and helped me pick ... this time of year it's always "is it ripe" guessing game.  I had a knife and did some plugging ... all were good to pick.

   Keeping my fingers and toes crossed -- the deer repellent seems to be working .. frankly, the prairie is so green for August -- that they have lots of dining choices .... "the grass may be greener" somewhere else.

   Ron is going to Market for me on Tuesday -- we'll scope it out and see if the $$$ are worth the effort.  I (or he) am not going to sit there for 4 hours for no sales.   I've never had a good Tuesday ... I could set up in my office yard on Tuesday or Wednesday and sell more.

   Happy Market Day

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday or Friday

   Lately, I've had trouble with days of the week .... too much time away from the office does that to me.  I kept thinking yesterday was Thursday all dang day. 

  Even in that delusional state ... I managed to finish most of my office project list --- cut a haircut, shop briefly at Joann Fabrics (no fabric) and have Chinese for supper.   Made it home in time to get blown out of the patch ... dang wind, rain and general nastiness.   In bed and out by 9:00 and eeegads --- up at 4:00am.  Got to break that habit.

 Today's project list should be completed by lunch and then begins the furniture re-arrangement.  Time for a new view for the 15 hours a day I spend in this goofy old house.  And a few more corners will get cleaned!

Happy Thursday

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

my charmed crazy life (that would be Crazy w/a capital C)

Monday was a farm tax seminar -- it was close to home and I just couldn't pass up the "close to home" opportunity ... It was probably worth the $359 ...  

it rained a whole lot ... over 5 inches since Saturday night ... floating, floating, floating

always love raindrops on the melons ... (phone shot )

  The most awesome rainbow appeared on the home bound commute from New Ulm tonight ... the cloud clearing line literally followed me across the prairie .... the colors were so vivid ... I actually got to see the purple on the far left.  Awesome, absolutely awesome.

So since Thursday ... I've been running, running, running.  Drainage Ditch Seminar, Farm Tax Seminar, Planning/Zoning, Board Workshop, Sioux Trails Board Meeting, Market on Saturday, a spot of lake time.  Sunday was mow office lawn, work at office -- dash to the lake to clean (ya, clean) .. garden duties, finally collapsed with a shower and bed.

The rest of the week is calm -- and it starts up next week again --- budget workshops, board meetings, drainage tours ... birthdays ... markets ... 

It's a crazy life I lead.
Balance, got to work on the balance.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

and the picking begins -- chaos

A Turning Twenty Throw

cabin sewing!  I took a stack of red fat quarters and chopped 'em up and ended up with 6 "turning twenty" blocks ... well, sort of ... they were a tad bit wonky ... such is life lately ...

better shot ... after zipping them together I added a couple of outside borders to widen it out ... slapped it on the long arm and did an all over swirl (what else do I do) ... Tuesday added the binding

and the back ... will be gifted to a 90 year old cousin who had a car accident last week and is having some intensive therapy for a couple of weeks ...

and a couple of the girls.
Linking up with Crazy Mom ...
Have a wonderful warm and sticky weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


looking over the new years resolutions.

oh my.

evidently I wasn't made to plot and plan.


I spent an hour in the patch last night.  It's my happy place -- well, usually, unless a freeking deer has visited.  My additional deer control measures arrived via the USPO yesterday.  Wade, left them on the front step, they smelled.  Smelled bad.  "Deer Off" and "Repels All" concentrate and some gizmos that look like mobile hotspot receivers.

The gizmos are supposed to give off an unpleasant aroma and keep the buggers moving. 

Truly, it's my happy place - even though I've probably lost my mind.
That just might be a good thing.

Havahart DO5600-6 Deer Off Weatherproof Deer Repellent, 6-Pack

I've got 12 of them scattered ... it looks like the Jetson's have invaded.

Evidently I'm not a chicken whisperer .. the girls didn't cooperate with the camera last night ... this shot should be labeled "Chicken Ass" ... they were more interested in the watermelon.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015


empathy - the ability to walk in someone else's shoes.

there is too much nastiness in our world
there is many consequences to the fall-out from said nastiness
there are many innocent victims from said consequences

we need to tread carefully


Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday ....

wow -- time is zipping away again.

I finally got to the lake for parts of Friday and Sunday ...  did a bit of spot spraying .. the critters are nibbling ... attended a pretty cool wedding ... finished up a book and .....

tah dah ....

sewed.  I could barely remember how to flip the switch on the Bernina ... so the masterpieces of the night ....

1) a Star Wars pillowcase ... I know .... using up some odds and ends.
2) bound the turning twenty sample piece
3) and this morning 15 minutes of a Batman pillow case

after the binding was done on the throw I tossed it into the washing machine and forgot it ... literally until 4:05 am.   I re-washed it hoping the nasty washing machine aroma lessens.  damn.  I am an idiot.  and yes, it was going to be a gift.   and no it does not match the Star Wars or Batman pillowcases.

I am an idiot.


Saturday, August 8, 2015


critter cam is back in action .... buggers are back

a New Queen is getting close -- oh so close

the love of sunflowers continues  

a canteloupe ... let's hope the other critters don't discover it
"let's hope" would be the key phrase

the Gold Crown watermelons  ...

Thursday, August 6, 2015


been a crazy busy summer eh?

so the last week the project focus has been office yard work.  4 loads to the city brush pile (from two flower beds) ... no, there are no before and after shots of this embarrassing disaster ...

this morning I sprayed the rocks, cracks and other crevices with magic fluid ... and it now appears that it is going to freeking rain.  which is good. 

I have my market canopy set up ... the parts and pieces are all there -- looks like crap.  it's old -- the frame is good --the top.... so so

so bring on the rain!


update:  it's raining ..... sort of ..... and well, on my freshly sprayed weeds.   so it goes, I'd rather have the rain.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015