Monday, August 24, 2015

and the camera cord

pooped out ... no picture transferring happening.  yes, I could pop the chip out and use a chip reader ... if I could find that cord. 

lived thru market.  had enough leftovers to feed the neighbors (only two are home this week), feed the mailman (I hope he took them) and the chickens got a treat.  the neighbors shared them (had a road visit last night) ... lots of activity down there ...

helped friend Becky at her son's/d-in-l's baby shower ... tired feet by the end of the evening.  Learned how to fry various kinds of egg rolls/spring rolls/ sweet cheese rolls.  Ate well. 

did some laundry, cleaned some closets, finished my book, finished a scarf, fed the animals ... them chickens need to start laying eggs ... itty bitty kitty got lots of attention he (she) needs to bond with the other babes

and finally got to the cabin for a spot of fresh air  ..  made it to the store for gift bags and birthday cards. 

and it was freeking windy out there.  cold.  cold enough to dig out a quilt and sit inside. 

it was a fly by (as in the time flew by) weekend.


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