Tuesday, August 18, 2015

my charmed crazy life (that would be Crazy w/a capital C)

Monday was a farm tax seminar -- it was close to home and I just couldn't pass up the "close to home" opportunity ... It was probably worth the $359 ...  

it rained a whole lot ... over 5 inches since Saturday night ... floating, floating, floating

always love raindrops on the melons ... (phone shot )

  The most awesome rainbow appeared on the home bound commute from New Ulm tonight ... the cloud clearing line literally followed me across the prairie .... the colors were so vivid ... I actually got to see the purple on the far left.  Awesome, absolutely awesome.

So since Thursday ... I've been running, running, running.  Drainage Ditch Seminar, Farm Tax Seminar, Planning/Zoning, Board Workshop, Sioux Trails Board Meeting, Market on Saturday, a spot of lake time.  Sunday was mow office lawn, work at office -- dash to the lake to clean (ya, clean) .. garden duties, finally collapsed with a shower and bed.

The rest of the week is calm -- and it starts up next week again --- budget workshops, board meetings, drainage tours ... birthdays ... markets ... 

It's a crazy life I lead.
Balance, got to work on the balance.


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