Saturday, August 22, 2015

picked, packed and loaded

   for morning market.   It's a 3/4 full truck ...

   Jean came down and helped me pick ... this time of year it's always "is it ripe" guessing game.  I had a knife and did some plugging ... all were good to pick.

   Keeping my fingers and toes crossed -- the deer repellent seems to be working .. frankly, the prairie is so green for August -- that they have lots of dining choices .... "the grass may be greener" somewhere else.

   Ron is going to Market for me on Tuesday -- we'll scope it out and see if the $$$ are worth the effort.  I (or he) am not going to sit there for 4 hours for no sales.   I've never had a good Tuesday ... I could set up in my office yard on Tuesday or Wednesday and sell more.

   Happy Market Day

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