Thursday, August 27, 2015

pictureless Thursday

  The plan was to start picking tonight to avoid tomorrow (Friday) nights rain. 

  Well, it's raining now.  To quote elder #1's unsolicited advice ..."either way ----   you're going to get a wet ass"

                  .... so it goes peeps -- ageless wisdom happening today.

  Today is elder #2's birthday -- 75 ... a milestone!  And due to scheduling issues (like we weren't sure when they were returning from fishing) ... she ended up getting her own is getting in the way again.

 So it rolls on Daisy Lane. 

and to add to the bizarreness of this post....

of all my blog posts  -- this one has the most hits and  I'm whining about deer ... in it .... bizarre.  Not going to solicit any advice from #1 on this topic.


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