Sunday, August 2, 2015

Soul Sunday

Yep, it was (is) a Sunday for the soul ... a spot of patch work ... +

1.  didn't rain so I sprayed out my tank of critter control and installed some critter prevention measures. 

2.  managed to read the paper and play with my coloring books.

3.  Jean picked beans -- I picked tomato's and oversized cukes.  

4.  Kept the livestock fed and watered.

5.  Watched a cheesy movie.

6.  Took a nap.

7.   Washed dishes, vac'd floors and loaded up some more trash.  We have a lot of trash.  

8.   Attempted to irrigate the kitchen garden -- epic fail on the sprinkler ... nice chilly bath.

ancient scarecrow made from my favorite pink flannel pants.  long sad story.

the biggest so far.

dang love those sunflowers

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