Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday or Friday

   Lately, I've had trouble with days of the week .... too much time away from the office does that to me.  I kept thinking yesterday was Thursday all dang day. 

  Even in that delusional state ... I managed to finish most of my office project list --- cut a haircut, shop briefly at Joann Fabrics (no fabric) and have Chinese for supper.   Made it home in time to get blown out of the patch ... dang wind, rain and general nastiness.   In bed and out by 9:00 and eeegads --- up at 4:00am.  Got to break that habit.

 Today's project list should be completed by lunch and then begins the furniture re-arrangement.  Time for a new view for the 15 hours a day I spend in this goofy old house.  And a few more corners will get cleaned!

Happy Thursday