Wednesday, September 30, 2015

the little things in life

should be titled ... things to be grateful for this week ...

1.  It has yet to freeze.  Seriously October 1st and no frost.
2.  All but two varieties of squash are picked, cleaned and tubbed.
          a row of carnivals and a row of butterscotch butternuts to go
3.  I'm still picking watermelons ... small ones, but still picking.
4.  It hasn't rained for a week -- TYJ
5.  My $1 sale went well today ... a lot less in my truck.

tomorrow brings a new set of stuff .... it was a crazy day at the office -- crazy because I really wasn't in the mood to work.  Should have left sooner.  The last official act of the day -- my 3 hole paper punch exploded and little bits of holes spread everywhere.  I shut off the computer and left.  Seemed appropriate.

Hello - October --


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

desk #3

a snapshot from desk #3 ... love it !!!  the windshield was installed last week ... didn't know how nice they were ... I had a mini one on the last Rhino ...

had a custom picking job last night 100 pounds of watermelon for a local school -- the kidlets at JI will be eating good this week!

Monday, September 28, 2015


since I really hate Mondays
and since the weekend hours fly by quickly

I'm going to work my fingers to the bone Monday thru Friday this week and attempt to do nothing next weekend.....well little or next to nothing.

I have no nice pictures from the lunar eclipse last night -- my cheap and tired Canon camera just couldn't focus.  It was fun to stand in the yard in my pajamas and look up to see the changes .. I should have drug a lawn chair to the front, sat and enjoyed the experience.  It was a fabulously nice evening.

I never did make it to the Bernina -- but the old Bernina came home from the lake (as did most of everything else) ...

Happy Monday

Sunday, September 27, 2015

sad watermelon patch

  'tis the season .. all good things must come to an end.

I've now got all of the pumpkins picked and on pallets in the year -- it was so wet they were floating in water after several of the "rain" events.  It wasn't my best crop .... some had rot spots, mice nibbles, deer chomps and some were still green ... some are still attempting to bloom ....  the Wolf's were 6 rows into the corn field.

elder #1 and the ripper -- for the longest time he was sitting on the far end of the field --- so I drove down there .... he was "having coffee & donuts" .... and watching a coyote come out of the neighbors crp and walk past me (and I never saw it) ...

Jake, the sniffer, finding a mouse.

sad, sad patch.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


 the only picture of my own wares at the market ....

Ana Kate was the photographer of the day --- I thought this was a cool shot when proofing on the camera -- didn't see the dragons?  until I uploaded it and enlarged it ... she did a great job!

afternoon was spent at the cabin ...
my peaceful place
calm today .
fall has arrived ...
we started the packing up ...

had family supper and packed out the bedrooms
tomorrow is the kitchen, the boat and the wave runner
next week is the cleaning and close up
I'm going to miss spending time at the lake
I'll be back on my 1st official day off
Get ready April 16th is 203 days away ..

Friday, September 25, 2015


Dad, in the tractor and the ripper behind it.  He likes it.  

just how much fits in a Ford F150
a lot.

now -- time to clean up and enjoy an awesome night on the prairie ...
it's an absolutely gorgeous day

Happy Friday Y'all


Thursday, September 24, 2015

oh crap, it's raining again!

I'd bet money that I'd never utter those words.
Life on the sand prairie is ALWAYS dry ...

Well, it's raining.  I'm headed out to pick squash and pumpkins.  It's time.  The big green machine (the 4WD and ripper) will be in the neighborhood and elder #1 would love to run thru the patch (or parts of the patch) with the ripper ...

I googled JD Ripper and got the above pictures ... needless to say it will make short work of the patch .... 3 passes and he's done.
So, a couple more hours of numbers and then ....  the picking will commence.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The time has arrived

The big green machine has arrived.
elder #1 was amazed ... it's a fabulous crop.

Teresa unloading a full grain cart ...
It's going to be a late night.
Rain in the forecast ( what else).

Monday, September 21, 2015


$710   Two continuing ed seminars
  181   A full season of water aerobics
  400   Windshield for my ATV
    60   108" quilt back for a whopper quilt

      4   a large frappe from McD's ... after all that I needed the frappe.

It's project day around here and so far it seems to be working.

1.  Mowed the grass.
2.  Registered for the final 2 seminars this season
3.  Registered for the full season of water aerobics
4.  Went home to check on harvest.
            Ain't happening yet.
5.  Stopped and paid for ATV windshield ..
6.  Set up haircut appointment (need to leave in 30)
7.  Actually worked too ....
8.  Went to the Fat Qtr Shop and ordered wide fabric for a quilt
            back -- sometimes it's easier than piecing.

only on a Monday.

somehow this seems appropriate!


Sunday, September 20, 2015


 -- denial -- the ability to ignore the obvious.

fall is in the air -- and I'm holding on to the end of summer with the tips of my very short fingernails.  I need another month of summer ...  I just do. 

the summer of 2015 has been fabulous and awesome -- a productive time in the garden, busy (but not too out of control) work schedule, and a lot of time at the cabin ..

need more cabin time -- it's truly time to unplug ... no TV, no internet, no phones ..... and cabin time has been good.

the zinnias in the patch were loaded with Monarch's on Saturday -- loaded ... nary a one in sight early this evening --

one of the green machines has arrived -- the really big one was no where in sight ...
perhaps it is on the way ...
truck #1 has arrived
and it seems like the corn is ready ...
can't be -- it is still summer !!
ah, but alas, the geese tell the story --
chowing down/fatting up on the sweet corn stubble ...
soon they too will abandon us
denial -- I'm going to be in denial for at least another week

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Market Day

Another fun morning at Market -- it's a good bunch of people with a bunch of good stuff ... And yes, that says cheesy but ...
Beautiful morning/day.

Friday, September 18, 2015

T G I F night

yep, still raining ... 2" on Wednesday and Thursday and the most annoying drizzle of today. 

Elder #1 helped me pick for market.  He was in his full fishing rain suit-- including waterproof boots.  Blue -- bright blue ... and I, well I was in a Hefty Bag ... yes, a black trash bag with holes for my head and arms, a pair of sweatpants that I cut the legs off to capri length, dark socks and hiking boots ...

There was a deer out on the edge of the woods ... I'm sure it had the what the hell are they thinking thoughts. 

I have no doubt my ancestors look down from above and just roll their eyes.  Daily.  I had no camera for this event.  Thankfully.

In 30 minutes we loaded the ATV and headed for the pickup truck -- with a slight detour .... he hosed them down to wash them off.  Like hosed them down with the hose....knocked off most of the mud.

I went back out alone to pick squash and a few more melons.  I didn't hose them down ... I did leave the very muddy messy ATV outside ... a rainwater bath is appropriate. 

I'm loaded and ready for morning.
Lets hope its dry.

If it is raining.
I'm going fabric shopping
I've earned it this week.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

September Prairie

Fall is here.  Denial is no longer an option.
Although I just turned on the air conditioning here at the office .. just to get the humidity out of the building.  We're sticking to the paper, the floors and the counters. 
I left the office fairly early and egads -- sewed!!!! 
After the thunder, lightening and 14 drops of rain I took an ATV ride and took the above shots.  The universe is full of gorgeous wonderful things to see and do but dang our corner of the world is pretty awesome. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the resolutions

1. No clothes
2. No fabric (less fabric)
3. 199 by 7/4/15
4. 365 in 365 (or more)
5. 15 min a day for Fbook/Blog
6. 10/18/15 MM 1/2 Marathon
7. 52 great books
8. 50 quilt projects
(any/all sizes)
9. Vacation
10. 1 Ruby Road Trip per month

yes, I've asked myself the same thing -- "what the hell was she thinking" ...
instead of focusing on what I want to accomplish I think what has been accomplished is just as important.

1.  50 books -- yep, lost count after 42 but I'm over 50.  I tried Kindle Unlimited for a month -- the selection was cheesy but it kept me occupied at the cabin.

2.  50 quilt projects ... probably by the end of the year ... should re-title, 50 sewing projects.

3.  Better living thru the prudent use of chemicals.  The almost weed free until August 1st melon patch was awesome. 

4.  Better deer control thru the prudent use of chemicals.  See #3 ... hoping not to jinx my luck with critter control -- but so far very little noshing.

5.  Mankato Marathon 1/2 marathon -- must have been too much sugar in the coffee when I added that one to the list ... the funniest part -- I actually registered for the dang thing on 1/1/15 - again too much coffee ... I could probably call them and move over to the 5K.  Even then ....

6.  Vacation -- well, I guess that's our shack on Lake Jefferson -- don't regret it and will enjoy every moment left this year and we "re-upped" for next season.  This will count as the Ruby road trips ... after all it's 8 miles out there and 8 miles back.

7.  No new clothes -- ha!  Kohl's delivery arrived today -- enough said.  Although I've been a bit better shopper -- good sales, smart buys, basics ...

8.  365 in 365 ... if I would quit losing the fitbit I might actually make this one.  Took it off yesterday (in the office) and now it's missing again.   Sucks to be me.

9.  I bought fabric ... again I think I've been a smart shopper here ... used quite a bit too. 

10.  15 minutes a day for Facebook (wastebook/bookface) ... it's a time sucker peeps. 

So, that's my 9/16/15 reality check. 


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

sleep is

necessary and overrated.

Normally I sleep like a log .. but lately, not so much.

Finished my book last night.
Surfed the internet.
Started a new book -- download speeds are quick when I'm the only one on the internet.

I've been forcing myself to stay up later ... thinking I'll sleep better.
Wrong.  Then 5:05 alarm goes off and I sleep thru it.

Elder #1 suggested I give up the evening coffee.  Will try that tomorrow ... picked up an iced coffee at McD's while attending New Ulm meeting -- still sipping on it.  How much coffee do I drink you ask.  Evidently, too much.  Just ordered more from Amazon.  I'll start rationing it.

Had a planned Target moment while over in New Ulm ... nice Target .... forgot my list (again) ... did well.  Two bags, some nappies and a trash can for $ 100 -- it goes fast peeps.  At least the bags were bulging full.

Big deadline day today -- corporate and partnership extensions, payroll taxes and estimated tax payments .... by 1:00 we were done.

off to count sheep .....  


Monday, September 14, 2015

Tush dragging Monday

  all day today -- my tush/arse/ass has been dragging.

  and yes, I worked all weekend but also had some down time ... there was 9 hours of deck sitting/perching at the cabin.  although I also cleaned the freezer, vacuumed the floors and started packing things up and out for home -- our season ends when the landlord shuts off the water ...

  made it thru market with a few leftovers (planned leftovers) .. which I tossed out on facebook this morning as "free" .... 3 are left ... I thought I would be able to attend Market on Tuesday -- meeting in New Ulm, so I'll be on the road ...

  I'm still dragging to tonight -- it's a light supper, an ATV ride thru the patch and off to the Bernina ... brought home a couple of un-finished lake projects and sewing will help.

  I've completed 7 scarves for the warming tree and no (gulp) no quilts yet.  Need to raid the stash and find pretties for the crib quilts and get 'em done.  Might need to be a group project.

 Happy Monday


Sunday, September 13, 2015

monarch ... (s) ...

I got lucky .. a couple of Monarch's were hanging out in the zinnia patch next to the clothesline ... they left when the hummingbird arrived ... and then the camera pooped out  ... batteries yet again.

Sunday, hmmmm

I think I need a project list today:

1.   a spot of time at the office
2.   mow the office lawn/some more weeds
3.   sweep home garage
4.   clean out the patch truck
5.   laundry
6.   plan out the week
7.   some Bernina time
8.   some patch time

I did get out to the cabin yesterday --- read my book, crochet and napped.  A little chilly but a beautiful afternoon.   Need to take advantage before it's time to close it up for the season ..(mid-October, we were told).

Saturday, September 12, 2015

a very full truck

Someday I'll have time to sew again ....
yep, it's full .... all melons except for 2 small bushel baskets of squash in the middle ....
picking went well

I found room for the tent ..

Friday, September 11, 2015


from 2010 -- RC always brought out the ladder truck for 9/11  and the tradition has continued the fire department boys were moving the truck into place before 6:30 this morning ...

9/11/01 - in between all of the crap happening -- I managed to sign all the closing documents and pay for "this old house" ... literally ---  after the closing I went home to watch history unfold on television -- and yes, my generation watches history live on TV... damn we have to change that mentality.

We were so rattled that day that no pictures were taken (nor did I own a digital camera) ... these were from 2008 ...
The evening of 9/11 the deconstruction began -- the blinds, curtains, drapes, left over furniture, rugs and eventually carpets all came out that week.  We went on to stripping floors and oodles of wall paper.  Yes, freeking oodles of wallpaper. 
Grass got mowed, walls got scrubbed, electrical upgrades got done, phone system was added -- computer cabling ... it kept me (us ) busy -- busy -- because 31 days later the office moved in.
And I'm still here and so thankful for my old house -- it's seen a lot of action in the past 13 years -- more than it saw in it's first 100 years ... so many changes too ....
What's next -- hmmm, exterior paint ... maybe a front porch with some accessibility solutions ... the wrought iron fence needs a lot of work ... a garage roof ....
so far all of the electrical has been replaced
all of the doors except the front door
all of the plumbing fixtures
the roof
the parking lot
the pine trees were removed
the dead maple tree
the hedge
the garage doors and openers
all of the interior floors (up and down)
new cabinets in the upstairs kitchen
full bath remodel upstairs
lots and lots of interior paint
all new light fixtures (up and down)
new front sidewalk