Friday, September 11, 2015


from 2010 -- RC always brought out the ladder truck for 9/11  and the tradition has continued the fire department boys were moving the truck into place before 6:30 this morning ...

9/11/01 - in between all of the crap happening -- I managed to sign all the closing documents and pay for "this old house" ... literally ---  after the closing I went home to watch history unfold on television -- and yes, my generation watches history live on TV... damn we have to change that mentality.

We were so rattled that day that no pictures were taken (nor did I own a digital camera) ... these were from 2008 ...
The evening of 9/11 the deconstruction began -- the blinds, curtains, drapes, left over furniture, rugs and eventually carpets all came out that week.  We went on to stripping floors and oodles of wall paper.  Yes, freeking oodles of wallpaper. 
Grass got mowed, walls got scrubbed, electrical upgrades got done, phone system was added -- computer cabling ... it kept me (us ) busy -- busy -- because 31 days later the office moved in.
And I'm still here and so thankful for my old house -- it's seen a lot of action in the past 13 years -- more than it saw in it's first 100 years ... so many changes too ....
What's next -- hmmm, exterior paint ... maybe a front porch with some accessibility solutions ... the wrought iron fence needs a lot of work ... a garage roof ....
so far all of the electrical has been replaced
all of the doors except the front door
all of the plumbing fixtures
the roof
the parking lot
the pine trees were removed
the dead maple tree
the hedge
the garage doors and openers
all of the interior floors (up and down)
new cabinets in the upstairs kitchen
full bath remodel upstairs
lots and lots of interior paint
all new light fixtures (up and down)
new front sidewalk

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Barb H said...

Marie, I think your "old house" is lovely and I'm sure the inside is as well.