Monday, September 21, 2015


$710   Two continuing ed seminars
  181   A full season of water aerobics
  400   Windshield for my ATV
    60   108" quilt back for a whopper quilt

      4   a large frappe from McD's ... after all that I needed the frappe.

It's project day around here and so far it seems to be working.

1.  Mowed the grass.
2.  Registered for the final 2 seminars this season
3.  Registered for the full season of water aerobics
4.  Went home to check on harvest.
            Ain't happening yet.
5.  Stopped and paid for ATV windshield ..
6.  Set up haircut appointment (need to leave in 30)
7.  Actually worked too ....
8.  Went to the Fat Qtr Shop and ordered wide fabric for a quilt
            back -- sometimes it's easier than piecing.

only on a Monday.

somehow this seems appropriate!


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