Sunday, September 20, 2015


 -- denial -- the ability to ignore the obvious.

fall is in the air -- and I'm holding on to the end of summer with the tips of my very short fingernails.  I need another month of summer ...  I just do. 

the summer of 2015 has been fabulous and awesome -- a productive time in the garden, busy (but not too out of control) work schedule, and a lot of time at the cabin ..

need more cabin time -- it's truly time to unplug ... no TV, no internet, no phones ..... and cabin time has been good.

the zinnias in the patch were loaded with Monarch's on Saturday -- loaded ... nary a one in sight early this evening --

one of the green machines has arrived -- the really big one was no where in sight ...
perhaps it is on the way ...
truck #1 has arrived
and it seems like the corn is ready ...
can't be -- it is still summer !!
ah, but alas, the geese tell the story --
chowing down/fatting up on the sweet corn stubble ...
soon they too will abandon us
denial -- I'm going to be in denial for at least another week

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