Monday, September 7, 2015

hmmm -- working will be less work


Finally, a day at the lake.  7" of rain fell there on Saturday, needless to say the lake is up.  Jake likes the lake.

We (Mom and I) left the cabin before supper -- home in time to pick for Market tomorrow --- yes, a truck load, then dashed back to town to mow the grass.

When I arrive a the pearly gates, God is going to comment on my ability to pick a truck load of watermelons in 45 minutes and then have enough stupidity to mow most of the office lawn in 30 minutes while raining --- and then hit up the drive thru at McDonald's for ice cream.  

a work free weekend recap:

   it rained everyday and I worked somewhere/somehow every day.  
off to bed, it is early, I'm tired and cranky.



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gz said...

that's too much rain all at once