Tuesday, September 15, 2015

sleep is

necessary and overrated.

Normally I sleep like a log .. but lately, not so much.

Finished my book last night.
Surfed the internet.
Started a new book -- download speeds are quick when I'm the only one on the internet.

I've been forcing myself to stay up later ... thinking I'll sleep better.
Wrong.  Then 5:05 alarm goes off and I sleep thru it.

Elder #1 suggested I give up the evening coffee.  Will try that tomorrow ... picked up an iced coffee at McD's while attending New Ulm meeting -- still sipping on it.  How much coffee do I drink you ask.  Evidently, too much.  Just ordered more from Amazon.  I'll start rationing it.

Had a planned Target moment while over in New Ulm ... nice Target .... forgot my list (again) ... did well.  Two bags, some nappies and a trash can for $ 100 -- it goes fast peeps.  At least the bags were bulging full.

Big deadline day today -- corporate and partnership extensions, payroll taxes and estimated tax payments .... by 1:00 we were done.

off to count sheep .....  


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