Friday, September 18, 2015

T G I F night

yep, still raining ... 2" on Wednesday and Thursday and the most annoying drizzle of today. 

Elder #1 helped me pick for market.  He was in his full fishing rain suit-- including waterproof boots.  Blue -- bright blue ... and I, well I was in a Hefty Bag ... yes, a black trash bag with holes for my head and arms, a pair of sweatpants that I cut the legs off to capri length, dark socks and hiking boots ...

There was a deer out on the edge of the woods ... I'm sure it had the what the hell are they thinking thoughts. 

I have no doubt my ancestors look down from above and just roll their eyes.  Daily.  I had no camera for this event.  Thankfully.

In 30 minutes we loaded the ATV and headed for the pickup truck -- with a slight detour .... he hosed them down to wash them off.  Like hosed them down with the hose....knocked off most of the mud.

I went back out alone to pick squash and a few more melons.  I didn't hose them down ... I did leave the very muddy messy ATV outside ... a rainwater bath is appropriate. 

I'm loaded and ready for morning.
Lets hope its dry.

If it is raining.
I'm going fabric shopping
I've earned it this week.


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