Wednesday, September 30, 2015

the little things in life

should be titled ... things to be grateful for this week ...

1.  It has yet to freeze.  Seriously October 1st and no frost.
2.  All but two varieties of squash are picked, cleaned and tubbed.
          a row of carnivals and a row of butterscotch butternuts to go
3.  I'm still picking watermelons ... small ones, but still picking.
4.  It hasn't rained for a week -- TYJ
5.  My $1 sale went well today ... a lot less in my truck.

tomorrow brings a new set of stuff .... it was a crazy day at the office -- crazy because I really wasn't in the mood to work.  Should have left sooner.  The last official act of the day -- my 3 hole paper punch exploded and little bits of holes spread everywhere.  I shut off the computer and left.  Seemed appropriate.

Hello - October --


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