Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the resolutions

1. No clothes
2. No fabric (less fabric)
3. 199 by 7/4/15
4. 365 in 365 (or more)
5. 15 min a day for Fbook/Blog
6. 10/18/15 MM 1/2 Marathon
7. 52 great books
8. 50 quilt projects
(any/all sizes)
9. Vacation
10. 1 Ruby Road Trip per month

yes, I've asked myself the same thing -- "what the hell was she thinking" ...
instead of focusing on what I want to accomplish I think what has been accomplished is just as important.

1.  50 books -- yep, lost count after 42 but I'm over 50.  I tried Kindle Unlimited for a month -- the selection was cheesy but it kept me occupied at the cabin.

2.  50 quilt projects ... probably by the end of the year ... should re-title, 50 sewing projects.

3.  Better living thru the prudent use of chemicals.  The almost weed free until August 1st melon patch was awesome. 

4.  Better deer control thru the prudent use of chemicals.  See #3 ... hoping not to jinx my luck with critter control -- but so far very little noshing.

5.  Mankato Marathon 1/2 marathon -- must have been too much sugar in the coffee when I added that one to the list ... the funniest part -- I actually registered for the dang thing on 1/1/15 - again too much coffee ... I could probably call them and move over to the 5K.  Even then ....

6.  Vacation -- well, I guess that's our shack on Lake Jefferson -- don't regret it and will enjoy every moment left this year and we "re-upped" for next season.  This will count as the Ruby road trips ... after all it's 8 miles out there and 8 miles back.

7.  No new clothes -- ha!  Kohl's delivery arrived today -- enough said.  Although I've been a bit better shopper -- good sales, smart buys, basics ...

8.  365 in 365 ... if I would quit losing the fitbit I might actually make this one.  Took it off yesterday (in the office) and now it's missing again.   Sucks to be me.

9.  I bought fabric ... again I think I've been a smart shopper here ... used quite a bit too. 

10.  15 minutes a day for Facebook (wastebook/bookface) ... it's a time sucker peeps. 

So, that's my 9/16/15 reality check. 


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