Monday, September 14, 2015

Tush dragging Monday

  all day today -- my tush/arse/ass has been dragging.

  and yes, I worked all weekend but also had some down time ... there was 9 hours of deck sitting/perching at the cabin.  although I also cleaned the freezer, vacuumed the floors and started packing things up and out for home -- our season ends when the landlord shuts off the water ...

  made it thru market with a few leftovers (planned leftovers) .. which I tossed out on facebook this morning as "free" .... 3 are left ... I thought I would be able to attend Market on Tuesday -- meeting in New Ulm, so I'll be on the road ...

  I'm still dragging to tonight -- it's a light supper, an ATV ride thru the patch and off to the Bernina ... brought home a couple of un-finished lake projects and sewing will help.

  I've completed 7 scarves for the warming tree and no (gulp) no quilts yet.  Need to raid the stash and find pretties for the crib quilts and get 'em done.  Might need to be a group project.

 Happy Monday


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Teresa Saum said...

I see half marathon on your list of resolutions. I did it one time and it nearly killed me. I walked most of it...petted dogs, hugged friends, lolly gagged. I think my time was almost 4 hours. I was passed by the full marathoners at the end. It was an experience but one I don't want to repeat. Good luck if you are still considering it, Marie!