Saturday, October 31, 2015

a finish ....

 attempted to take a picture in the breeze ... hmmm but it's not a bad shot of the back ...

and the front ... 6" strips tubed together and cut apart at random spots
sewed strip sets together ... saw it on Sewing with Nancy ...
her's was tidier

zee binding.... more teal than blue

baby Layla arrived 11 days ago and almost 3 weeks early
and since her parents weren't sharing the "sex" 
I had to wait for the arrival ...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

odds & ends

sunset while on the road last weekend in Mankato ...

my ikea cart (s) arrived ... put the first one together ...... easy peasy

Ruby at the gas station -- with the doors locked and the keys inside her
not the best night of my crazy life.
additional edited craziness - so, middle of the night I got attacked by either my cell phone or iPad -- not a good thing to wake up to ... nice bruise forming on my chin/jaw bone.  lesson learned -- no reading iPad in bed.

social media

somewhere I read -- kids/young people/the next generation after baby boomers ... check their facebook account on average 22 times a day. 

22 -- wth -- what a time waste == made me wonder ..."how many times a day to I check my facebook account" ..

too many times peeps, way to many.
it is time for a facebook diet.

onwards to better ideas...
quilt show pictures

camera was odd .... so the colors aren't very accurate -- mossy greens, browns, greys and ivories --- a turning twenty ... it was one of my favorites
a close up ...
and this one ... love the coneflower applique ...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

skills test

  I've sewed for 49 years, yep, I'm old.

  I still hate hemming pant legs.  Last night was laundry and hemming.  2 pairs of cords got hemmed (Lands End has nice cords) ... and I fixed another hem. 

 Hate hemming pant legs.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday Night Travels

Took a walk before my meeting last night ... should have started earlier ... dusk and darkness followed me by the time I finished .. too dark for pictures in the end

Monday, October 26, 2015

the 7th day

was not restful on Daisy Lane -- I spent most of the morning in purge mode -- as in purge crap I do not need.  That would be the clothes closet -- 3 bags for the thrift shop and entire crate of books.   Did I really need to save all 7 versions of Harry Potter for 20 years, really????  ugh.  Took this picture while getting fresh air -- ya, that bad. 
An ATV load of trash was also removed -- and after delivering the trash I dumped some rotten pumpkins for the deer ... took this snapshot from the dumping grounds.  Picked up the squash I found Saturday afternoon.
After nap time (elder #2, not I), we, elder #2 and I dashed to Mankato to deliver the "bags" to the thrift shop.  Before I changed my mind and pulled stuff out -- I confess, I pulled out a fleece pullover.

While I was purging #1 and #2 made 7 apple pies.  Peeled, chopped, baked and already in the freezer.  The pie baking aromas masked the dust aromas from the other end of the house.
So it's Monday, new day, new week - new attitude.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

afternoon walk

after Friday's rain -- the colors seem brighter

patch route

visitors ... unwelcome ones

treasures found in the weeds

what not to plant next year -- Charleston greys and Georgia rattlesnakes

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Road Trip !!!!

my first (well second) day off from Market since August and I took a mini road trip.

a few yards of fabric ...
the bottom hunk is 108" wide batik ...
the pink chevron is 54" wide

the rest are just, well, things that caught my fancy
I was searching for a pink/green and/or pink/blue batik for borders on a project ... I bought both

love these little tear drops -- got lots (5 yards)

been collecting browns, blacks and tans ....

Lunch at Zuppa Cucina in Shakopee  (wonderful sandwiches) ... a stop at Kohl's ... and the final stop, Eagle Creek Quilt Shop ... and I showed much restraint -- only bought a pattern ...

So, now I need to sew up said fabrics

Friday, October 23, 2015

Found a Treasure

Found this treasure yesterday while waiting for my hair cut appointment  -- it's a bit frail .. but workable.

it's pretty large (twin-ish) ... I think I can take a row from the top and a row from the bottom and have enough pieces to replace/patch/mend the tattered spots .. and the best deal -- $20.00 ....

it was cloudy when I took the pix -- now it's raining....
a welcome rain ...

and a spot of color to brighten your day ...
linking up with Crazy Mom's Finish It up Friday ...
T G I F -- y'all ....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adventures ....

  The neighborhood makes a change tomorrow -- neighbors are leaving on their new adventure.  They sold their house and all their "stuff" and are going to roam the USA as long as they can. 

   The camper holds most of their favorite possessions -- there is a storage unit somewhere with a few treasures and I'm sure their children acquired some also. 

    First up in on the itinerary is Texas (South Padre Island) -- which they done for several years -- back to Minnesota in the Spring and then I'm sure there is a plan.

    Bon Voyage!  Safe Travels .... send pictures!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Indian Summer

  Indian Summer == glorious summer weather after the frost.  It has arrived.  Am I enjoying it.  Nope. 

  I've been snowed under a paperwork blizzard.  And then a touch of the queasies arrived -- ya, lovely thing to wake up to in the middle of the night -- cancelled events for the day, but kept working on cleaning up the paperwork blizzard -- should have stayed home .....

took a ride on the ATV when I got home -- the prairie is preparing for winter --
    leaves are coming down ...
    berries are drying up ...
    deer are in the patch fatting up ...
    pastures and grasses are browning up ...
    harvest is coming to an end ...
    haven't seen (heard) a goose for days ...
    saw a fuzzy brown caterpillar ... his black band was 1/3 of his body
    maples are a deep deep red -- almost maroon

  Today is a new day ... shorts and sandals ...  attitude adjustment. 

  Might just have to mow the lawn today .... (for real). 
  Last time this season --


Monday, October 19, 2015

freaking awesome weather day

  and I attended an accounting seminar (indoors, of course) for 8 hours.  the upside -- it was somewhat local (12 miles), good food, and it was only 8 hours.

 it is freaking gorgeous outside -- so, I'm going to zap my supper in the microwave, grab a lawn chair and have supper in the parking lot .. yes, I'm at work until the next meeting.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday --

  I think today was my final day at Market for this Season, I'm waffling about retirement.  I always waffle about retirement ....

Several tubs of watermelon (sold 'em for a $1) ... 7 bushel of squash and a few odd pumpkins.  Melons sold, most of the larger pumpkins, and 1/3 of the squash ...
I'm down to 2 bushel of miscellaneous squash and 4 bushels of carnivals.
Not bad for leftovers.
All the work starts with a bare hunk of dirt ...

late July

mid August

late August -- the chemical let go after all the rain

this afternoon -- after the killing frost this morning
there's a few treasures in there but dang hard to find
the deer are starting to nibble around the edges

I gave the girls some watermelon
They really really really like it ..
I should have made a video -- the sound effects are a hoot.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

me is bad

I've discovered the beauty of Netflix.
Enough said ..


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Willie Nelson Issue ...

   yep, my life is the classic Willie Nelson song -- "On the Road Again" ...

   I don't remember much of Monday -- but I think I got a lot done.
   Yesterday was a full day of:
        Board Meeting
        Ribbon Cutting at HHS building (nice shack)
        Work (including the furnace repairman)
        Back to HHS building to be a tour guide
        Local candidate debate ...
             words cannot describe the weirdness
        Gas and a car wash (Ruby looks nice again)
        County Budget Meeting
        Rush River Watershed Meeting (Gaylord)
        R9 Budget/Personnel Meeting (Mankato)
        R9 Full Board Meeting

 Tomorrow -- I might actually be in the office most of the day
 Friday -- a bunch more meetings

 Saturday -- my last day at market --- but I might need to blow it off for
       work -- the real work (insert grin)


Monday, October 12, 2015

only in Minnesota

only here would we go from 86'/sunny/beautiful to 45' and 45mph wind gusts within 12 hours.

I want yesterday BACK.  I need a week of yesterdays.

There are pictures somewhere ... I was a busy Diva.

1.  Fence and fence posts down in the little garden.
          found some cukes, a green pepper and an eggplant.
2.  Fence posts and scarecrows down in the melon patch.
3.  Row markers located and pulled in the patch.
4.  Deer prevention measures located and stored.
5.  Empty tubs and bushel baskets cleaned and stored.
6.  Leftover chemicals and supplies stored.
7.  Crafty stuff back in the basement.
8.  Basement floor vac'd.  Hate that job.
9.  Laundry.
10. Car ride to see some of the leaves ...
11. Walk around the empty patch after supper.
The end of market/garden season is kind of bittersweet.  Less work, less chaos, more time for self -- but I miss the nightly walks and surprises I'd find, I miss the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.  I kind of miss the sense of purpose (as it -- get this done, do this now) -- keeps me active.  I will always need more active.

I think one more year and I'm probably done.  It was a good year.  A fun year -- planting, hoeing, animal control and picking all went well. 

I have to admit -- more cabin/lake time would be okay .. time will tell. 

I think one more market this weekend to dump some squash and pumpkins and then all of it will be packed up ... won't take long -- I got lots done yesterday (insert grin).

Sunday, October 11, 2015

a long day of sewing, crafting, touring, cleaning, gophering

okay these didn't upload in the proper order ...
The Scrap Shack Crafty Day
5 toddler/crib/throws got pieced
I also made it to the Eweniquely Quilt Guilds Show
ate well, cleaned up the church dining hall
and gophered for the hostess

 Denyse Schmidt's new fabric line -- a turning twenty ... love the use of fat quarters and the 16" blocks .. finally bought the book (at the Quilt Show!) ... the possibilities are endless -- I had a fat quarter bundle of 9 ...
a bundle of colorful 6" strips ... tubed together and randomly cut apart and stitched in strips ... colorful
orange, the new neutral, grey and white varying strips
orange, aqua (the other neutral) varying strips ...
legs, the cat, thought my toes were tasty. 
dang critter bit me.
bright blue, aqua and a white/grey/blue print
I got a lot done !!!!  now to get them finished up ...