Thursday, October 8, 2015

cure for the crabby/disorganized/out of sorts

work and sew

yep, work and sew. 
worked all day (and into the evening) -- projects, due dates, phone system installation -- less interruptions after hours

finally - finally sewed -- I loaded a large (queen) quilt onto the long-arm and started to quilt ... 3 passes last night ---- hope to have it quilted by Saturday so at the "All Day Crafting Event" I can bind it ... it is huge.  Christmas gift.

I was up early and thought about quilting ... but the lure of the John Sanford book and coffee won ....

The girls were cackling loudly this morning --
 thought 1 -- coyote.
 thought 2 -- laying eggs. 

      laying eggs was the winner -- sent Dad up to check them out --- I ain't walking up there in the dark to have a face to face meeting with a coyote.  yesterday -- 20 hens left 20 eggs -- a new record!

so ...

Sewing today
Birthday tomorrow
All Day Crafting on Saturday
Cabin time on Sunday ....
   (forecast is for a beautiful day -- I'm going out there)

happy Thursday !!!


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