Monday, October 12, 2015

only in Minnesota

only here would we go from 86'/sunny/beautiful to 45' and 45mph wind gusts within 12 hours.

I want yesterday BACK.  I need a week of yesterdays.

There are pictures somewhere ... I was a busy Diva.

1.  Fence and fence posts down in the little garden.
          found some cukes, a green pepper and an eggplant.
2.  Fence posts and scarecrows down in the melon patch.
3.  Row markers located and pulled in the patch.
4.  Deer prevention measures located and stored.
5.  Empty tubs and bushel baskets cleaned and stored.
6.  Leftover chemicals and supplies stored.
7.  Crafty stuff back in the basement.
8.  Basement floor vac'd.  Hate that job.
9.  Laundry.
10. Car ride to see some of the leaves ...
11. Walk around the empty patch after supper.
The end of market/garden season is kind of bittersweet.  Less work, less chaos, more time for self -- but I miss the nightly walks and surprises I'd find, I miss the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.  I kind of miss the sense of purpose (as it -- get this done, do this now) -- keeps me active.  I will always need more active.

I think one more year and I'm probably done.  It was a good year.  A fun year -- planting, hoeing, animal control and picking all went well. 

I have to admit -- more cabin/lake time would be okay .. time will tell. 

I think one more market this weekend to dump some squash and pumpkins and then all of it will be packed up ... won't take long -- I got lots done yesterday (insert grin).

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gz said...

busy girl!
but would you really like giving up the gardening?