Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday --

  I think today was my final day at Market for this Season, I'm waffling about retirement.  I always waffle about retirement ....

Several tubs of watermelon (sold 'em for a $1) ... 7 bushel of squash and a few odd pumpkins.  Melons sold, most of the larger pumpkins, and 1/3 of the squash ...
I'm down to 2 bushel of miscellaneous squash and 4 bushels of carnivals.
Not bad for leftovers.
All the work starts with a bare hunk of dirt ...

late July

mid August

late August -- the chemical let go after all the rain

this afternoon -- after the killing frost this morning
there's a few treasures in there but dang hard to find
the deer are starting to nibble around the edges

I gave the girls some watermelon
They really really really like it ..
I should have made a video -- the sound effects are a hoot.

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