Monday, October 26, 2015

the 7th day

was not restful on Daisy Lane -- I spent most of the morning in purge mode -- as in purge crap I do not need.  That would be the clothes closet -- 3 bags for the thrift shop and entire crate of books.   Did I really need to save all 7 versions of Harry Potter for 20 years, really????  ugh.  Took this picture while getting fresh air -- ya, that bad. 
An ATV load of trash was also removed -- and after delivering the trash I dumped some rotten pumpkins for the deer ... took this snapshot from the dumping grounds.  Picked up the squash I found Saturday afternoon.
After nap time (elder #2, not I), we, elder #2 and I dashed to Mankato to deliver the "bags" to the thrift shop.  Before I changed my mind and pulled stuff out -- I confess, I pulled out a fleece pullover.

While I was purging #1 and #2 made 7 apple pies.  Peeled, chopped, baked and already in the freezer.  The pie baking aromas masked the dust aromas from the other end of the house.
So it's Monday, new day, new week - new attitude.