Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Willie Nelson Issue ...

   yep, my life is the classic Willie Nelson song -- "On the Road Again" ...

   I don't remember much of Monday -- but I think I got a lot done.
   Yesterday was a full day of:
        Board Meeting
        Ribbon Cutting at HHS building (nice shack)
        Work (including the furnace repairman)
        Back to HHS building to be a tour guide
        Local candidate debate ...
             words cannot describe the weirdness
        Gas and a car wash (Ruby looks nice again)
        County Budget Meeting
        Rush River Watershed Meeting (Gaylord)
        R9 Budget/Personnel Meeting (Mankato)
        R9 Full Board Meeting

 Tomorrow -- I might actually be in the office most of the day
 Friday -- a bunch more meetings

 Saturday -- my last day at market --- but I might need to blow it off for
       work -- the real work (insert grin)


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