Monday, November 16, 2015

and the race is on ....

  the finish line ---  is keeping myself sane by Thursday ...

tonight ...
   off to water aerobics (only 45 minutes) so then I can be on time
   for Planning / Zoning at 7:45

tomorrow ...
   8:15 Department Head Presentation
   9:15 Board Workshop
 12:30 Joint Commissioner Meeting w/Blue Earth County
   5:00 Leave for New Ulm for Sioux Trails Meeting

Wednesday ...
  8:15 Brown Nicollet Comm Health Conf Call
 10:00 cancelled the dentist appointment
   3:00 R9 Budget & Finance Meeting in Mankato  then back home
                 to pick up Dad for the next gig.
   7:00 Township Officers Meeting in Nicollet

Thursday ....
   da nada

  8:00 - 1:30 Chamber Board Retreat ...
  6:00 paint by numbers at the scrap shack.

If I survive this week I can survive anything

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