Sunday, November 22, 2015

casualty of winter #1

winter - the evil season ... as I age I rue the arrival of winter -- the prep work, the cold, the ice, the media who think WINTER is newsworthy.  get over it -- winter rolls around every November and hopefully leaves in mid March. 

I prep for winter with the squirrels, fuzzy caterpillers and other rodents ... this weeks (and weekends) efforts have been directed towards windows.  our friends at 3M manufacture those lovely indoor plastic window kits -- after 14 years I'm a pro at installing them.  every window on level one gets them -- the windy drafts disappear and the heat bill is tolerable. 

We're still cold -- but the heat bill is tolerable.  11 of the 12 windows require a ladder and a ladder dance that is worthy of an award. 

and so far this is the only casualty of this war on winter ... a shoulder bowl of Joyce's ... I literally bumped it with the table leg -- and snap in half .... I think this is the only bowl left -- I sold (donated/shared) several of them -- she had several (10+) -- argh!!!!
Snow is forecasted for Turkey Day -- oh joy, cleaning, cooking and shoveling all in one day ... makes my heart sing - NOT!!!
I'm already working on my 2016 NY's resolutions -- "embrace the crap I hate" ... that should be a challenge !!!
Happy Sunday


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