Tuesday, November 3, 2015

just breathe ...

I took this shot from the top of the driveway hill this morning.  Around 6:15ish ... I was at the office by 6:30 and I dilly dally'd taking pictures -- iPad.  Posted on facebook while at the breakfast meeting -- probably not appropriate ... at least I wasn't playing with my phone like everyone else.
I really really hate the darkness of winter -- I keep telling myself to embrace it ... so this is my first attempt.  Enjoy the sunrise and sunset ... it's only 48 more days until the winter solstice and longer days ....
The darkness tends to keep me office/house/working and the summer months I'm still office/working/commissioning ... but the nights/early mornings I'm in the garden.  I like 5:00am daybreak. 
I'm weird -- I know.  

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