Saturday, November 14, 2015

my faithful red F150

All winter long she hauls my old and tired body to work ... and gets me there.
Every day -- 7 days a week.  Freezing cold, snowy, slippery -- good and bad.
And has done so for 3 going on 4 winters.
Except for the 4 months between #1 trading her off and me buying her back ...
she's been in the family all of her 11 years.

Barely fits in the house garage -- (the garage door has 4 inches of clearance)
In the summer -- I drive Ruby for three weeks and then switch to the truck for a week ... market season it hauls all my crap -- this summer it was my lake vehicle -- hauling "crap" to and fro from the cabin
This morning --- she didn't start -- 2nd time ever.
The first time #1 left the keys in the ignition and "on" and the battery went dead
edit -- #1 tells me the battery is probably original.  Good grief -- I didn't know truck batteries lasted 11 years ... it gets better -- the last time I put gas in it --- August .... at $2.59/gallon.
This morning -- it sounds like the battery went kaput. 
It's only the 2nd battery in 11 years.  It was time.
Next week is some mechanical stuff and maybe tires ....
After all she's on her 2nd set of tires too ... a little fluff and buff to get her thru the next couple of years will be needed. only 71,000 miles --
She needs to keep hauling me to work in the winter!
Since the white shit is in the forecast -- she'll be the wheels of the season.
Ruby will head into storage ....
yep white shit -- 4 years ago today ...


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