Thursday, December 31, 2015

the end

   frankly, I think ...


yes, ALL CAPS, shout it from the rooftops.  It has been good, I can not think of a single moment, item, whatnot that I would have done differently, changed or even regretted.   

I am blessed -- I am so grateful for everything and everyone.
and I know ....
2016 will be FABULOUS.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

year end

so on the 2nd to last day of 2015 ....

I overslept by 2 hours ...... normally its 4:45 and shut off the alarm ...
5:15 hit the shower and sometimes a bit of sewing....

today it was 7:02 hit the shower ...

argh ....

Goals for the week...

1.  Cloud migration completion
2.  Quilt one crib quilt a day ...


Monday, December 28, 2015

it must be true ...

two different weather sources
so I have an online class this afternoon -- should be fun -- watching the monitor/listening on the phone/and seeing white crap fall from the sky

Weekend Sewing

so during girls weekend -- several years ago I chopped up my scrap bin into 4", 5" and 6" hunks .... here are 6" kaffe fassett prints ... needed to make it wider I added a 6" strip to one side -- in real light it is much brighter than this ... don't ya love my red enamel garbage bowl?

I also worked on a messy project -- took 4, yes 4, mini jelly rolls and mixed them up ... for 4 crib quilts (my donation pile is low) ... they were the nastiest things -- lots of fuzzies and lint.  Lots.  Finally got out the vac and attempted to clean them up. 
Winter Storm Warning issued -- so I prepped sewing projects -- need something to do during the "big event."  Long arm is loaded and ready to quilt .. one more prepped and waiting. 
When it snows.  SEW.
Happy Monday!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

and on the 26th day

  yes, I'm trying to be funny.  After all .....

1.  it snowed.  enough to plow and shovel
2.  it's cold.
3.  laundry is done.  again I'm not sure how 3 adults generate these piles.
4.  went to work -- projects, projects, projects
        and brought projects home.
5.  sewed -- pictures on the iPad ....
6.  sewed some more -- and the Bernina got hot ...
        must have sewed too much.
7.  finished my cheesy Danielle Steele book ...
        not purchasing another one -- too predictable for the $$$
8.  the only leftovers are cookies

big week ahead on Third Street -- going to be a crazy week of wacky.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve ....

This DIVA has
   .... managed to purge more stuff.  I'm in the purge mood.
   .... left the office shortly after 1:00 and have been tossing ever since.
   .... with a laundry break ... now a blogging break.
   .... I actually might find some time to sew

Christmas Eve is a very low key event on Daisy Lane.  Hence the cleaning blitz.  I came home to lights and decorations -- elder #1 ... Pizza for supper ...

One more gift left to wrap ---

I was bad -- I did bring home a tote bag of work. 
Software / Hardware changes -- need to take a short online class.

ta ta
  cleaning Diva ...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

double hmmm

it is snowless here on the prairie ... so for some attitude adjustment I took a cruise on the ATV ...

found this on the lilacs ... this is after the zero start to Saturday morning
spring will be interesting
the patch -- it was worked up on November 25th -- right before the "snow"
can't even see a chunk of anything (just the weed residue)

selfie attempt ... probably should pay attention and put on the headband correctly --  I spent most of the cruise trying to find an owl.  We've all had a swooping owl(s) at night while coming home after dark ... didn't find it -- but looking was fun.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


  so, during the morning peruse of wastebook -- in my news feed is "iconic fashion statements" ... this particular one is from some movie (???) and was noted as "shopping attire for farmers market customers" ... well --- it is THIS vendors attire --- although this year I was good -- I don't think I wore flannel pants once --

  today however -- in honor of this iconic style -- I will be wearing my red polka dot flannel pants to the office -- yes, I get to go to work today (as I did yesterday) ... worked at home last night too -- and since 6:00 am this morning .... 'tis always good to be me.

 yours truly --
      the fashion diva of 3rd street.


Friday, December 18, 2015

So -- thinking ahead to 2016


 12 quilts from pintrest that I really really like

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


thinking, thinking, thinking

always gets me in trouble...

vpn ...?????
totally paperless ...?????
facebook diet .....??????

so here's the plan ...

yes to the vpn.
somewhat paperless

adios facebook. 
(might be harder than a food diet)



Monday, December 14, 2015

it's still raining

  because it's still raining and it seems to have rained constantly for the last 3 days -- the "get shit done" list is almost wiped out. 

  it all started while I was looking for a particular piece of fabric amid the chaos of the fabric stash -- and the nasty aroma from the air freshener ...

  2 more bags of fabric for the church quilters -- I eventually sat down with a pile of scraps and whipped up a table runner -- which I proceeded to quilt on the bernina -- played with stitches...

  there was also 8 hours of office time and Johnson/Dranttel Christmas dinner at David/Jan's ...

  'twas a productive weekend.

oh so true

I found this in the "fix it and finish it pile" ... from Thanksgiving 2014
(it's only a year old) note -- I did not fix and finish only looked at it .... argh
and these are the leftover "hunks" ...

 all quilted -- lots of straight and wavy lines ... and ready to be bound (tonight - must be tonight)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

get shit done list

oh me of the endless lists....

the "get shit done list" for the weekend is two pages long.  I'm crossing off things as they get completed

I spent most of last night finishing the binding on a crib quilt and  --- the big and -- trying to find the source of the aroma wafting around in the sewing space.  -- cloyingly sweet and floral ..... elder # 2 had opened a new room deodorizer in the laundry room (which 3 hours into the sniffing ) I found ...  good grief it was awful.

so with new found energy this morning - I tackled the fabric stash.  crap.  I got a lot of shit stuff.  pictures to follow -- documentation = motivation.  another bag of fabric for the church ladies and another bag of goodness for the thrift shop.

and the list goes on and on.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A finish!

this is not normal
Minnesota in December should not have green grass ... or weeds.
We had frost settle in at sunrise this morning.
I like 50' and green grass in December

the back
the front with shadows from sunrise
and a couple hours later -- ya, it was still hanging out on the fence -- I have since retrieved it ...

I had purchased/collected/stashed/hoarded a bunch of batiks in the greens, blues, browns for another project ... and well, I was watching Sewing with Nancy and she cut strips pieced them into tubes and cut them apart .... all to make a city landscape --- well -- I cut my strips much wider (6") and longer and ta da .... it's a lot bigger than I expected -- but fun, it is a Christmas gift for my brother in law (sshhhhhh).  The back is a 108" hunk of beige/khaki/tan grunge -- and the binding is left over batiks.

edits:  Since it's been another week of crazy -- I'm editing and linking up with Crazy Mom's "Finish it Up Friday" ... if and when the linky party starts.   

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

News of the day ...

So with no local radio and no local news ... I start my day out surfing the internet -- funeral home website, church websites, Herald and the Free Press ...

Quote of the week from an obituary -- some guy south of Mankato --

"He will be remembered as the guy who wore shades and was always pedaling his bike down County Road 11" 

And his picture -- bald guy with shades -- it doesn't get any better does it?


Sunday, December 6, 2015


 Nothing beats 50' weather in Minnesota in DECEMBER !!!  The older I get -- the less I like winter.  Although, I know we will pay for this warmth in the future. 

I'm falling behind on my words.  Never fear -- next week will be catch up week.

I did however, get a haircut and -- tossed out the squash that was riding around in the back of my truck, get a project (or two) done at work, got a crib quilt bound, laundry, Christmas cards arrived from Walgreens ... and the Christmas letter to the far and away family members is done ....

And I still have all of today!  

So today's list:

1.  Bind the large quilt (Xmas gift)
2.  Clean the sewing room.
3.  Toss out at least 3 more things.
4.  Laundry (it never ends).
5.  A couple hours at the office.
         (yard work and #'s)
6.  Take a walk (mud and all)
7.  whip up a couple of Christmas table runners.

Happy Day of Rest!



Friday, December 4, 2015

1992 - Quilt

my early attempt at strip piecing (and quilting) ...
small -- very small

didn't know how to bind corners
the Quilts, Quilts, Quilts book was confusing

of course -- hand quilted
holy cats --- 23 years ago ....
I signed and dated it!!!
This little jewel has been thru a lot.  I know it was hanging on my office wall when the March 1998 tornado blew thru and wiped out most of the office ... it made the move south to the new office ... it has been bouncing around there for 14 years ... I found it last week while cleaning.
Linking up with Crazy Mom's
Finishing up Friday ....


Word of the day - TACTFUL

"the ability to say something with out irritating others"



Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3 - Reasonable

REASONABLE --- the ability to think, act, react in an orderly manner.

perhaps the word of the day should be rational instead.

awoke early to see Minneapolis Police removing the Black Lives Matter protestors -- (at 4:00am) .. live -- I understand the need to "relocate" -- (not the proper description) but I don't understand the need to share it LIVE on television.  sensationalism.

I'm not sure the constant barrage of news media/social media/unsocial media is always necessary -- 

Types the woman addicted to facebook wastebook/bookface/worstbook.

Time for change -- for everyone.



Wednesday, December 2, 2015


the world is a crazy place today ...

I willing admit -- at the office, I work in a bubble/zone/mindset where I don't always follow the daily happenings -- and then bam --

Literally, even though I have television, I don't watch during the day ... and during the holiday season I find radio just to much to bear.  Naïve, yes, self centered, yes -- the phone and email interruptions are enough.

please do not rush to judge
facts are needed




Word of the Day = Gratitude ...

   "the affirmation of goodness" ..


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Word of the Day - KINDNESS

the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate
31 days in December - 31 words
Today's word - Kindness
This world needs to be a kinder place --  starting today -- one person at a time -- go out and spread the kindness.  It is free and the rewards are great.