Sunday, December 6, 2015


 Nothing beats 50' weather in Minnesota in DECEMBER !!!  The older I get -- the less I like winter.  Although, I know we will pay for this warmth in the future. 

I'm falling behind on my words.  Never fear -- next week will be catch up week.

I did however, get a haircut and -- tossed out the squash that was riding around in the back of my truck, get a project (or two) done at work, got a crib quilt bound, laundry, Christmas cards arrived from Walgreens ... and the Christmas letter to the far and away family members is done ....

And I still have all of today!  

So today's list:

1.  Bind the large quilt (Xmas gift)
2.  Clean the sewing room.
3.  Toss out at least 3 more things.
4.  Laundry (it never ends).
5.  A couple hours at the office.
         (yard work and #'s)
6.  Take a walk (mud and all)
7.  whip up a couple of Christmas table runners.

Happy Day of Rest!



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gz said...

hope you actually did get some rest!