Saturday, December 26, 2015

and on the 26th day

  yes, I'm trying to be funny.  After all .....

1.  it snowed.  enough to plow and shovel
2.  it's cold.
3.  laundry is done.  again I'm not sure how 3 adults generate these piles.
4.  went to work -- projects, projects, projects
        and brought projects home.
5.  sewed -- pictures on the iPad ....
6.  sewed some more -- and the Bernina got hot ...
        must have sewed too much.
7.  finished my cheesy Danielle Steele book ...
        not purchasing another one -- too predictable for the $$$
8.  the only leftovers are cookies

big week ahead on Third Street -- going to be a crazy week of wacky.


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