Sunday, December 20, 2015


  so, during the morning peruse of wastebook -- in my news feed is "iconic fashion statements" ... this particular one is from some movie (???) and was noted as "shopping attire for farmers market customers" ... well --- it is THIS vendors attire --- although this year I was good -- I don't think I wore flannel pants once --

  today however -- in honor of this iconic style -- I will be wearing my red polka dot flannel pants to the office -- yes, I get to go to work today (as I did yesterday) ... worked at home last night too -- and since 6:00 am this morning .... 'tis always good to be me.

 yours truly --
      the fashion diva of 3rd street.


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Barb H said...

It's Jeff bridges in "The Big Lebowski" a very funny movie.